Team Words


Team Words is a game for two teams, the Red Team and the Blue Team.

One player on each team is the Leader, and everyone else on the team is a Soldier.

Each Leader has been taken prisoner across a battlefield of words. Red and blue mines are hidden underneath some of the words. To free the Leader, the Soldiers must defuse all the mines of their own color, without touching the Nuclear Bomb.

Only the Leaders know the locations of the mines, and the location of the Nuclear Bomb. The Leaders take turns giving their Soldiers a clue for where to look for the mines, and a number indicating how many mines the clue pertains to.

The first team to successfully defuse all of its mines frees its Leader and wins.

Soldiers guess locations by clicking them. If there is a mine there, it will be defused. If the Nuclear Bomb is there, the team that guessed that location loses.

Ending a Turn

A team's turn ends when:

Valid Clues